FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

[+] What should I do if I already paid?
If you already paid, please send us your code (through email:
spankteam92@gmail.com / on Discord at 0x00BAD#3082)) and wait for your 
To get your code, open up ST Mod, click on "Help" > 
"Already paid". 

Use the following format:
STMod Key:
Payment method:
Paid amount:
Payment email/username:

[+] How can I find the argument?
We've already made a tutorial, how to find the 
Click here Tutorials
[+] ST Mod doesn't show up, what can I do?
There could be various reasons, such as:
- Make sure you don't place STMod inside Metin2 folder.

- If you encounter this error:
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - frm_module"
Please download and install latest .NET Framework.
Restart your PC, and try again.

Make sure your antivirus isn't interfering with STMod.
To make sure, just add STMod folder to whitelist..
[+] How can I pay?
You can pay through:
- Paypal
- Skrill
- Coinbase (Crypto)
- Revolut
[+] Will I get support?
Of course, just make a ticket on our Discord server.
[+] Can I get my money back?
If there will be a mistake caused by us,
of course, you'll get your money back.
Notice: before buying, please try and use the free version and there won't be any issues.
[+] Can I try the full (premium) version before buying?
Of course, in order to get free-premium, join our Discord server and check free-premium section, following the format.
[+] STMod doesn't inject, what can I do?
If you're struggling configuring STMod, make sure firstly that there exists a pre-config at 'Import settings' before trying to configure it by yourself, if doesn't exists, create a ticket and we will help you.
[+] Farmbot doesn't attack after started, how can I fix it?
If you started farmbot and the bot doesn't do anything, you have to manually destroy few metins (also if you are using mob/boss farm, you have to attack them too), then the bot will recognize those entities.
[+] Does STMod works on Gameforge servers?
Yes, it works.
Currently the only 'botting' functions are:
- Energy bot;
- Mining bot;
- Farming bot;
- Levelbot;
- Waithack;
[+] Is there any list where STMod works?
You can find it on our Discord server at tested-servers section.
[+] Can I use the bot on several servers at the same time?
You have to go to File > Settings > Switch server
[+] If I closed the in-game STMod window, how can I re-open it?
To show back STMod window, you have to press either on Insert or F12 key
[+] What can I do if when I start metin2, it gets black-screen?
Try to uncheck 'Auto injection' from first STMod window.
[+] How can I inject STMod?
Focusing on Metin2 window and pressing on Insert / Capslock / TAB key.