FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

● What should I do if I already paid? 
If you already paid, please send us your code (through email:
spankteam92@gmail.com / on Discord at 0x00BAD#3082)) and wait for your 
To get your code, open up ST Mod, click on "Help" > 
"Already paid". 

● How can I find the argument? 
We've already made a tutorial on YouTube, how to find the 
Click here:  Tutorials 

● ST Mod doesn't show up, what can I do? 
If you encounter this error: 
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object." 

Please download and install latest .NET Framework. 
Restart your PC, and try again. 

● How can I pay? 
You can pay through:
- Paypal
- Skrill
-Coinbase (Crypto) 

● Will I get support?
Of course, just make a ticket on our Discord server.

● Can I get my money back?
If there will be a mistake caused by us,
of course, you'll get your money back.
Notice: before buying, please try and use the free version and there won't be any issues.

● STMod doesn't inject, even with Injector from plugins, what can I do?
You can try the first method, everything will be automated > Go to Help > ST Mod Fix.
If still can't load STMod, download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, install it and restart your PC.